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Words can't express how I felt at the very personal service I received... Andy, the right questions that you asked to find what was in my heart about having this special ring made.Skye for your CAD mock up photos before it was sent out for the frame to be made and Tyler for all your work on the actual ring. I still had a few doubts that it would ever be as beautiful as I had in my mind.I was so wrong, it is Stunning with that retro, old fashion feel that I was looking for. Oh, did I say blindingly Gorgeous?💖-Celia Wilson

Princess Jewelers is one of a kind. There service was incredible and I just got the ring of my dreams. The owner Andy stayed with my boyfriend and I an hour past closing and was so knowledgeable. If you need anything PLEASE go here. You will be so happy-Caitlin

Princess Jewelers is hands-down amazing. After going to Princess on a few recommendations, they have earned a new loyal customer. They truly went above and beyond. I am incredibly impressed with their expertise and customer service. Being new to the area, I was looking for a local family-owned business who would be able to do the work on-site and was heavily-focused on customer service and honesty. Princess Jewelers is ALL of these things and more.Somehow they fixed my engagement ring that I have been trying to get fixed for more than a year and a half after the chain jewelry store it was purchased from royally messed it up during routine work. And not only did Princess fix it even though it wasn't their piece, they did it quickly and with unmatched confidence and expertise. Furthermore, they refused to let me pay for the work! They said they'd rather have me become a I satisfied customer who would want to come back to them again, than charge me for simple work like that! I simply could not believe it. I will certainly be back, as I would love to work with them again. They truly seem to have passion for their customers and for what they do. Even further, they have a fantastic sense of humor while helping you, which makes it a joy to be there. I look forward to going back, and am so happy I have now found the family-owned jeweler I have been hoping to find. Here is a bit about my experience: Andrew greeted me right away when I walked in and was so friendly. After describing my situation, he introduced me to Bob, the jeweler, who took a quick look at my engagement ring and knew exactly what needed to be done to fix it; and to my surprise, he said he would do it right then and there! As Bob took my rings to the back, Andrew was trying to describe to me what he would be doing. Bob yelled to the front to have me join him in the back so I could watch what he was doing to fix my rings! That was fantastic! He worked on my engagement ring for just a bit and somehow fixed ALL the problems that Kay's and Jared told me were unfixable! I'm a hands-on person, so I thought it was even more incredible that he was describing what he was doing while he was doing the work- it was great to watch, and really showed me that they are a trustworthy team. He even polished and rhodium-played my ring after that, and insisted on doing the same to me wedding band so they would both look great and match. It was so kind of him!-Erin

Princess Jewelers is wonderful!! I got my engagement ring resized here, and it came out fitting perfectly and sparklier than ever! I can't tell where the ring was cut at all, which was something I worried about. It looks gorgeous and brand new. The best part was that I even got to watch Bob resizing the ring... so cool! I will definitely be coming back here for my wedding ring and whatever other jewelry need I have-Samantha

I had been looking for a Jeweler/store since I had moved here and never really found one that was sincere, honest and reasonable, until I walked into Princess. They were able to create 2 completely different rings, out of 2 rings that I no longer wore. The rings are beautiful. I also was able to have my wedding ring resized and soldered together and the turn around time was only a day! I will return to Princess for all my jewelry wishes!-Faith

My fiancé initially purchased my engagement ring from a pretty well-known .com retailer and we ended up running into a whirlwind of issues related to the craftsmanship of the ring that resulted in us returning my engagement ring. We were absolutely devastated. I mention this situation at all to give you some comparison to how vastly different it was working with Andrew and the team at Princess Jewelers. After hearing my engagement ring woes, one of my co-workers recommended I pop in because she had gone in for a custom set of earrings and had an INCREDIBLE experience. That week my fiancé and I went in and were FLOORED at how honest, kind, and helpful these folks were. We discussed our budget for the ring openly and were met with nothing but excitement at Princess Jewelers. In a previous big box store shopping experience, the discussion of our budget was not taken seriously by the salesperson and when we pressed that our budget was what we could swing financially, we were all but rushed out of the store. Everything from that initial consultation, to planning and selecting a setting, and even getting down to the minute details of the ring was absolutely incredible. Andrew and the team went above and beyond all of our highest expectations and we are so excited that as we enter a new chapter in our life as a married couple, we have a jeweler for life.I honestly can't thank these folks enough and hope that if you're reading this review, you go in to meet them. They're genuine people who are in the business for the love of the craft and to make people happy. When I say Andrew's face lit up just as much as mine and my fiancé's did when he gave us the finished ring, I am not exaggerating. Thank you again, Princess Jewelers! We love you!-Emilia

I cannot say enough good things about Princess Jewelers. I've been a customer since 2007, but hadn't been there for quite a while. I needed a repair done on my wedding ring, and the talented Andrew Dumont came to my rescue. My ring looks brand new, and as usual, the service was exceptional! I love stopping by because I know I'll always be warmly greeted by knowledgeable owners and staff who truly care about their customers. Thank you so much!-De Anne

New to the area so needed to find someone local to Londonderry that also had experience with antique jewelry. We were not disappointed! The staff had amazing customer service and hospitality. The work they do and the settings I saw were top notch. Loved the mobile application they showed me how to use in store to help bring my own ideas to life, and get prices to make them happen. Will be a returning client for sure-Ashley

Very honest, talented, knowledgeable and detail oriented jewelry professionals with excellent customer service! I highly recommend Princess Jewelers, I’ve been a customer for many years and have never been disappointed-Jenn



Great quality, excellent services, best price. I've had a custom ring done for my grandmother as a birthday gift. Always perfection from Princess Jewelers-Janet

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