Q: How long will my repair take?

A: Our repairs are all done on site by our Jeweler who is here Monday through Friday. Most repairs will have a 24Hr Turn around time depending on the difficulty of the job

Q: How much does it cost to size a ring?

A: The Answer to this question is a tricky one if we cant see your ring! The cost of sizing a ring up or down depends on many different factors including:

-How far up or down does it need to go?

-How many stones are in it?

-How thick is the shank?

-What material is it made out of?

-Is there anything else that needs to be done to

it before it can be sized?

The easiest way to obtain pricing is to stop by our store so we can inspect your jewelry!

Q:What is your return policy?

A: The answer is, we will go to the end of the world to make our customer as happy as humanly possible! While we cant refund money, we can exchange your item for something you will love!

Q: Do you change watch batteries?

A: We do! Depending on the watch, Batteries start at $15.00

All of our watch batteries come standard with a one year warranty, but you have the option to upgrade that warranty to 3 years, or lifetime plan!

Q: Do you buy gold and stones?

A: We do! Bring us what you are looking to sell and we can show you how to make your money go the furthest!

Q: Why is my Jewelry discoloring my skin?

A: Sometimes jewelry can leave black or greenish marks on the skin. Some may think that this is because you are allergic to the metal, however, more often than not, it’s just the reaction between the metals with your skin.

Copper: Can turn skin green.

Silver: Can turn skin black because silver tarnishes.

Nickel: Can turn skin green. If you are allergic to nickel, you won’t just have stained skin. Jewelry that contains the metal will make your skin itchy and red where it comes in contact with your body.

Gold: Rarely will stain skin, but the other alloys mixed with gold to create its color may. For example, white gold may be gold mixed with nickel or silver to create the white appearance. Many people do have a reaction to nickel. Some other times it can be a reaction to the acid in your skin that can break the gold down.

There are ways to prevent jewelry from staining your skin.

Try keeping your jewelry clean and tarnish free can help. Also, try to keep your skin dry when wearing jewelry or only wearing the pieces for a short amount of time.

If you have allergies to metals, or jewelry tends to react and stain your skin, try 18k gold (more pure metal), platinum, stainless steel or titanium when buying your next jewelry item.

Q: Do you cut off rings that are stuck?

A: We do! Just come on in! There is no appointment needed! We do recommend a waiting period of at least three weeks before we repair you ring to allow any swelling or irritation to subside

Q:How long does my custom order take?

A: While every custom order is different, we can typically finish your custom order within 14 business days or less depending on the intricacy of the item! 

Q: What should I use to clean my jewelry?

A: The ultrasonic and steamer here at the store is the best way to keep your jewelry clean! And its free with no appointment needed! However if you are looking to keep your jewelry clean at home, we recommend a mild jewelry cleaner. (We have some available at the store for purchase!) Never use harsh chemicals like bleach or any household cleaning agents. 

Q: What is the warranty on item purchased from you?

A: Items purchased form us will have:

-Free lifetime sizing

-Free rhodium once a year on white gold items

-Free refurbishing once a year

-Free side stone replacement

-Free appraisals and updates

-Free Cleaning and Inspections 

And! There is no extra charge for our warranty!

Q: How do you honor the warranty if I move away?

A: It doesn't matter where you live! If you purchased any item from us, we will stand behind it! We will Ship your item back to you once it has been repaired or resized! 

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