Buying a Diamond

The Four C's of Diamonds

Diamonds are graded and categorized by 4 characteristics. Jewelers use these criteria when they are grading diamonds.


It describes the quality of the cut (not the shape) of the diamond. The brilliance of a diamond depends heavily on its cut. A well cut diamond is better suited to handle light internally creating more scintillation and sparkle. Proportions, symmetry and polish are also taken into consideration. The cut quality is graded into four categories: Very Good, Good, Medium and Poor



A diamond's color is at its best by not showing any color at all. Diamonds are mined in a range of color, white to faint yellow or brown, to the very rare fancies such as pink, blue and green.



Most diamonds contain some inner flaws, or inclusions, that occur during the formation process. The visibility, number and size of these inclusions determine what is called the clarity of a diamond. Diamonds that are clear create more brilliance, and thus are the most valuable.


Carat Weight

A carat is the unit of weight by which a diamond is measured. The price of a diamond rises exponentionaly to its size, because large diamonds are found less commonly than small diamonds.


If you are considering buying a diamond online, rather than in person, here is something to think about.

You may think these two diamonds will look exactly alike but, depending on the slight variations in proportions, they could have two different variations of brilliance.







That is the potential risk you take when buying online, not actually getting your best value for your dollar. What you potentially buy online can only be best described by the salesperson, who may or may not actually be looking at the stone. To have the ability to view a diamond in person and to see how your eye perceives a diamond's fire and scintillation we feel, is priceless. Not everyone will have the same opinion, or quality of vision.

Why you should shop with Princess Jewelers:

We stock top quality, ideal cut diamonds that are tangible and breathtaking. We offer quality, selection, distinguished service, reasonable pricing, and the knowledge and tools to help you make the best informed decision.
This is one of the most cherished moments of your life and we want to take the guess work out of the equation and make your purchase as carefree as possible.

      Both of the diamonds in the picture to the left were graded H SI1 by GIA. However, the stone on the right contains internal clouding, causing it to appear "milky"

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